Surf’s Up in Haiti | Roads & Kingdoms

 “Not long ago surfing was completely alien to Kabic Beach. Ken Pierce, a doctor from Hawaii, first traveled to Haiti a few weeks after the 2010 earthquake as a disaster response physician. He later served as director at an orphanage in Cyvadier, near Jacmel. When he came to the coast, Pierce, who has surfed since his teens and had brought a board with him from his home in Kauai, asked around and nobody could recall seeing anyone surfing the local breaks. ‘The first time I paddled out at a spot near Kabic—now known as Pierce Point—the rocks were lined with kids and adults who were enthusiastically cheering for me,’ he says. ‘When I paddled in, I asked if they would like to learn how to surf. The response was unanimous.’ The next time Pierce went home, he brought back several boards and started teaching local kids.”

via Surf’s Up in Haiti | Roads & Kingdoms.