TELL A STORY: “You left me with a strong desire to be me.”

Tell a Story” is a series of your stories. Sharing stories and experiences is at the heart of building community. After you enjoy today’s story, send your own story to The Community Talks. Stories can be about anything, and can be as short as one-line or as long as a couple pages! We look forward to hearing from you.

Today’s story is from Marie Constant.

this is the story of a boy who never quite fit in –
who never got accepted by the womb who bore him
how could he survive if the one who carried him thought he wasted his life
at birth children are dependent on their parents to survive
they receive food until they are able to feed themselves
but they must also receive acceptance
for who they are
and for who they will never be
without acceptance life fades away slowly
unless the boy could have self-accepted
but he never could and he never did
whose fault is it? is there anybody or anything to blame?
Ten years ago you checked out
without asking permission
with a Big Bang
and we were left with unmatched pieces to glue
and you left me with the strong desire to be me
to self-accept and to self-love
thanks for the gift of your life
I will honor myself as a unique piece of God’s creation
away from the divisions of religions
away from the separations of our community
toward the center of self where love, light and Spirit reside.


What do you think?

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