What’s your story?

Sharing stories is a great way to build community. As part of The Community Talks, I want to share stories, but not just my stories. Your stories! So, I’m starting a mini blog-series called “Tell a Story”. Here’s what you should do:

1) Tell a story, any story! It could be about your day today, or about your childhood, or about your favorite food. It could be a Tweet-sized story or a one-page story! It can be funny or sad or anywhere in between. Don’t worry about making these the best-written stories ever. This is a chance to share a thought or two, not a writing competition.

2) Send your story to The Community Talks!

3) I’ll post it on the blog!

The Community Talks has gone great so far. I’ve learned so much about the meanings of community, and I’m working on two community projects in my area. But I’d hate for this blog to be about me. I’d rather it be about you.


5 thoughts on “What’s your story?

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