Featured Artist: Dirt Palace

Bluestockings Magazine


The Dirt Palace hides inside of a burnt down abandoned library in the heart of Olneyville Square, minutes away from downtown Providence. Taking from its name, the Palace inconspicuously lies behind the dirt and decay of its run-down industrial home. Its eclectically curated storefront window display hardly does justice to the 9000 square foot all women artist commune behind its walls. It’s a place made up of myths: part witch coven, part underground punk collective, and part demented dollhouse. Inside, a print shop, wood shop, film studio, textile studio, zine library, band practice room, communal kitchen, and social ballroom make up this self-described “feminist artist collective.” Yet it is the women of the palace that have—literally, physically—made it one of the most sustainable artistic communities in Providence. Throughout its 13 years, 35 artists have called the Dirt Palace their creative haven. Currently artists Xander Marro, Pippi Zornoza, J.R. Uretsky, Olivia…

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