“Onca is already achieving Laura’s vision of bringing together artists and community to further understanding of, and support for, conservation.”

What ties together the artists in this gallery? Are they a community?

Brighton Lite


By Mary Stevens

Laura Coleman’s second exhibition at her gallery Onca launches tomorrow. ‘Our Time in Ice’  showcases work inspired by the Arctic landscape as it changes due to ice melt. Originally from Ditchling, she opened the central Brighton gallery in November 2011. The gallery aims to show work on conservation themes, and engage the community in artistic and educational events inspired by those themes.  Five years working in overseas conservation, combined with her background in art, encouraged her to develop the concept.

I visited the gallery and spoke to Laura, to find out more about the aims of the project. First I asked her why Brighton?

“I was planning to move back to Brighton and wanted to combine my conservation experience with my artistic interests. There is already a strong awareness of environmental issues.  There is also a large creative community here, with very few galleries, so it seemed the…

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